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Nader Targets Subsidized Stadiums

By Rachel Zimmerman

Failed presidential candidate Ralph Nader has chosen our current stadium issue for his next battle. After the owner of the Seahawks, Ken Behring, threatened to move the team to Southern California, billionaire Paul Allen stepped in and offered to buy the team if he can raise enough public money to assist him with the cost of a $402 million stadium. Nader calls this “A voracious vortex draining taxpayers’ money to subsidize super-rich owners and super-rich players at the expense of communities.”

I agree with Ralph Nader. These people have so much, and yet they are not satisfied. The reason people are not going to Seahawks games is not the stadium. People aren’t going because the Seahawks SUCK. It’s depressing to watch grown men get dragged around in the mud for three hours.

The owners and players are insanely overpaid. They don’t need a new stadium. They need a better coach and players. I don’t think we should have to pay for these guy’s little playpen. If they want it, it should come out of their pockets. If they don’t want to be here, then leave.

I am disgusted at the way we handled the Mariner’s request. After being voted down, the new stadium idea should have been shelved. Our legislators completely ignored the preference of the voters and decided to build a stadium anyway. Why did we even have the vote? So they could see how many people didn’t want a stadium before they built it?

I am sick of the overpaid players and owners asking for more. They get paid more in a week than most people get in a month. I think we should send them to California and not have a second thought about it.

I'm not even gonna mock this one. I was right fucking on, and I agree with everything I said up there. You tell 'em, kid!

Happy holidays!

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